About Us – Smart Gadget Insurance

Smart Gadget Insurance is a gadget insurance comparison website. Why is there a need to compare gadget insurance plans in the first place? As you may have already experienced when travelling, gadgets make up a majority of the things that you need to pack.

There are those who can’t bear to be away from their laptops or mobile phones even just for a minute, for fear of missing out on something that’s work-related. In these highly technological times, having electronic gadgets has become almost a necessity rather than a luxury for most individuals. This is exactly where Smart Gadgets Insurance comes in.

When you browse through our website, you can gain as much information as you need when comparing one gadget insurance plan to another. There are times when, no matter how careful you are in handling or using your gadget, it still befalls accidents which ruin the body or causes the electronic device to malfunction.

When you have gadget insurance, you won’t have to worry about the costs related to replacing or repairing the electronic devices that you have. Depending on the comprehensiveness of the gadget insurance plan that you will get, you can file compensation claims against the insurance company in case your gadget needs repair or replacement. The gadgets which you can insure through our site include:

• Mobile Phones
• Tablet Computers
• Laptop Computers
• iPod/MP3 Players
• Satellite Navigation Devices
• Digital/DSLR Cameras & Camera Equipment
• Gaming Devices
• Television/3D TVs

More importantly, Smart Gadgets Insurance is working with partners who we chose using a stringent selection process. These are insurance providers who offer the best, cheapest yet most comprehensive gadget insurance plans.

All in all, Smart Gadgets Insurance aims to offer you financial protection for theft, breakdown, damage or loss of your electronic gadgets. Take your pick from the partner insurance providers that we have and get suitable protection for your collection of electronic gadgets.