Blackberry Insurance

  • blackberryCover for all Blackberry phones including Bold, Curve & Torch
  • Accidental damage covers against unexpected disasters
  • Your policy covers you worldwide for peace of mind when traveling
  • Get protected against theft!
  • Loss cover can also be added to your policy!

Blackberry insurance deals

Blackberry insurance for little more than £1.49 a month – that’s a small price to pay!

Perhaps one of the best known names in handheld communication devices (that’s mobile phones to you and me), a Blackberry could fast become your single most important way of keeping in touch with the world and the people in it. To make sure that you stay connected, Blackberry phone insurance could be your first line of defence.

What’s your Blackberry

Since the first introduction by the company in 2003 of an email-capable, web-browsing smart phone, Blackberry have since released a wide range of different phones – and there’s a cheap and affordable insurance policy to cover any one of them against the daily hazards of loss, theft or damage.

Maybe you’d benefit from Blackberry Bold 8700 insurance, for instance, with its 256 MB of onboard memory, 2 GB memory card, and average 6 hours of talk time between recharges. If you own one, you’ll already know about this model’s capabilities, but you still might want to check out the Blackberry insurance from a site like where covers starts from just £1.49 a month.

On the other hand, you might be the proud owner of one of the latest light and compact models that makes Blackberry Curve insurance the most suitable choice for you.

Just as you probably compared the options before buying your mobile phone in the first place, now might be the time to compare the Blackberry insurance to go with it.

Insurance plus

Because you can buy the insurance online it should only take a minute or two to arrange and once you’ve done so you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that you’ll never lose your vital connections to the rest of the world if you lose your Blackberry, have it stolen or if it breaks down.

A typical policy, for example, will cover you against:

  • theft (and the additional cost of any unauthorised calls that are made as a result);
  • break downs, mechanical and electrical faults that occur outside of the manufacturer’s own warranty;
  • accidental damage, including damage from liquid;
  • loss (though you might need to pay an additional premium for this optional cover); and
  • the opportunity to include (as a standard feature of some policies) worldwide protection under the same Blackberry phone insurance.

Just a minute or two of your time and a modest monthly premium, therefore, could ensure that Blackberry insurance continues to keep you hooked up to all your most important contacts.