Camera Equipment Insurance

  • camera-equipmentCamera equipment insurance from £2.19 a month
  • Includes Theft cover: If your camera equipment is stolen we will replace it
  • Breakdown cover: With our extended warranty, if your camera develops an electrical or mechanical fault, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires we will pay any repair costs.
  • Your cover Includes accidental and liquid damage cover: We’ll pay any repair costs if your camera parts are damaged as a result of an accident.

Camera equipment insurance

It’s not only the professionals who are likely to own a good deal of camera equipment these days. Digital photography is a very popular hobby, too. Camera equipment insurance, therefore, could prove a very worthwhile precaution for both full-time and part-time photographers.

Why? Let us count the ways. Unfortunately, there’s quite a lot that could go wrong, however careful you might be with your camera and its associated equipment. Digital camera insurance, for instance, might be reckoned to cope with the following potential disasters:

Accidental damage – your camera’s in the bag that gets tossed around as you’re scrabbling to a holiday hot-spot. Of course, there’s damage, but you’d reasonably look to your camera equipment insurance to cover the cost of any repairs, or to replace the camera if it’s beyond repair;

Theft – however careful you’ve been and although you’ve reported the theft to the police, digital camera insurance is likely to be your last line of defence when it comes to actually replacing the stolen item;

Breakdown – there’s unlikely to be anything more frustrating that having taken the photos and not being able to retrieve them because your camera has developed some mechanical or electrical fault, just when the maker’s warranty has expired. The best camera insurance will attempt to repair your camera in a way that rescues your lost pictures;

Loss – we all lose things, but the losing your camera can be more painful than temporarily misplacing something. If it’s lost and still unfound, you might reasonably expect your camera equipment insurance to provide a speedy replacement;

Equipment – it’s not just the professionals, but serious amateurs too, who might have a bag full of camera equipment, such as lenses and the like. Of course, you’d want your camera equipment insurance to cover loss, damage or theft to these items, too;

Overseas – for many of us keen amateur photographers, the camera really comes into its own when we’re on holiday abroad. Therefore, we’re interested in camera equipment insurance that is extended to worldwide risks, wherever in the world those important shots happen to have been taken.

Though it might be easy to be alarmed by the wide range of risks to which a camera and its equipment might be exposed, therefore, the good news is that cheap camera insurance can offer comprehensive protection against them all.

But if you’re looking for protection against all these risks (and more), yet still after what is cheap camera insurance (from as little as £2.19 a month), there are online providers that can deliver just what you need to ensure comprehensive camera equipment insurance.