Canon Camera Insurance

  • canon-cameraInsure your Canon camera from £2.19 a month
  • Includes Theft cover: If your Canon camera is stolen we will replace it
  • Includes accidental and liquid damage cover: We’ll pay any repair costs if your Canon camera is damaged as a result of an accident.
  • Includes Breakdown cover: With our extended warranty, if your Canon camera develops an electrical or mechanical fault, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires we will pay any repair costs.

Canon camera insurance: a small price to pay

Canon camera insurance can cost as little as £2.19 a month. By most people’s reckoning – and certainly given the not-inconsiderable purchase price of a new camera – that is a pretty small price to pay for the financial security and peace of mind in having it repaired or replaced free of charge if something drastic should go wrong.

And if you’re like many people, your digital camera is an essential piece of kit, which you’ll want to keep handy for just about any social, sporting or family occasion to capture those never to be repeated moments in life. Indeed, you might use your Canon on a professional or semi-professional basis. If something drastic should go wrong therefore you’ll want to know that it can be put right straight away or for the same piece of equipment simply to be replaced.

This is just what Canon camera insurance can do. Even though the monthly premiums make this surprisingly cheap camera insurance, replacement is promised by some of the best camera insurance providers in a matter of 48 hours, whilst repairs are undertaken within just five working days.

When things go wrong

Though you might have owned your camera for some time and never given a second’s though to anything going wrong with it, there are, unfortunately a number of things that could leave you in the lurch:

  • theft – one of the more common risks, of course, with a higher value gadget such as a Canon camera is it being stolen, especially when you are on holiday (and for that reason alone, you might want to choose a Canon camera insurance provider that offers worldwide cover as standard);
  • accidental damage – perhaps you drop it, spill your drink over it or have it dashed to the ground by a passerby – there are many ways in which your Canon could suffer accidental damage;
  • breakdown – though normally one of the most reliable cameras around, of course, your Canon could develop a mechanical or electrical fault outside of the manufacturer’s own warranty;
  • loss – for an additional monthly premium (typically as low as £1) you could even ensure that your camera is replaced in the event of your losing it.

Not just your Canon

Furthermore, if you choose a company such as Protect Your Bubble, you don’t have to stop at Canon camera insurance. You might choose to include your specialist lenses, for instance, or a video or camcorder. With this insurance provider you could also opt to pay an additional modest monthly premium and include four quite separate gadgets (such as mobile phones, laptop, iPods and even games consoles).