Htc Insurance

  • htcUnauthorised calls cover – Protection up to £100 towards the cost of unauthorised calls if your mobile phone is stolen
  • Worried about accidental damage costs? – this is covered + liquid based damages
  • Go around the world and still be protected with your policy covering your abroad!
  • Additional securities can be added such as loss cover from £1pm extra a month

HTC insurance: quietly brilliant

HTC’s mobile phones are “quietly brilliant”, says the company’s marketing tagline. To help make sure that things stay that way, HTC insurance from also reflects that same quiet brilliance.

Basically there’s everything you might want from your HTC insurance – no fuss, no complication, and no questions asked if your phone is stolen, lost or accidentally damaged.

If the worst should happen, therefore, this type of cover will aim to replace your HTC phone within 48 hours of your reporting it stolen or lost, or, if it can be repaired, this should take no longer than five working days. Armed with a simple and affordable insurance, therefore, you can rest easy in the knowledge that everything continues to be quietly brilliant.

In this day and age, of course, the typical HTC owner is, of course, a well-travelled individual. HTC insurance, therefore, will continue to protect your phone against theft, loss and accidental damage on a worldwide basis, wherever you happen to be.

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