IPhone 4 Insurance

  • iphone41Accidental damage cover – we make sure you are adequately covered!
  • Liquid damage protection – Get protected today and remember liquid damage is not covered in your warranty!
  • Worldwide protection that covers you at home or abroad
  • Theft protection – with over 7million phones reported stolen in the UK – make sure you are covered!
  • Include loss cover for extra £1pm!

Cheap iPhone 4 insurance

“Cheap” and “iPhone 4 insurance” The two don’t really seem to go together, do they? Cheap iPhone 4 insurance seems a most unlikely pairing with probably the most sophisticated smart phone on the market to date. Yet even though this indispensable piece of kit is one of the smartest gadgets you can buy, it can still be fully insured for what you’re likely to find is a very reasonable monthly premium.

Cheap v best value

One of the common pitfalls in buying anything “cheap” – and the same goes for cheap iPhone insurance – is sacrificing quality and reliability for a reduction in price. When it comes to iPhone 4 insurance, however, you are likely to want the same quality and reliability in the insurance cover that comes with the phone itself.

In other words, when you compare iPhone 4 insurance deals – and you’ll find quite a few to choose from – you’ll probably be looking for cover that is not only cheap, but also provides the best value. Value for money becomes the real name of the game. And when good value for money is the aim, you can do no better than visit the website www.protectyourbubble.com, which has a huge choice of affordable policies for just about every gadget you could imagine.

What makes cheap iPhone insurance good value for money?

If you splashed out on the latest new smart phone, you’ll want to know that it is securely and comprehensively covered by the appropriate iPhone 4 insurance. The best value for money, as far as that iPhone cover is concerned, is likely to protect your phone in the event of a whole host of possible mishaps, such as it:

  • breaking down (even after the manufacturer’s guarantee has expired);
  • getting damaged by spilt or leaking liquids;
  • accidental damage (and even simple loss of the device – if you pay for this optional, additional cover)
  • being stolen; and being used without your permission to run up an expensive calls bill (though you’d expect some sort of limit to be imposed on the losses from such impoper use – £100 is a typical limit).

These risks cover just about any eventuality, of course, but what makes cheap iPhone insurance even better value for money is the fact that the leading policies even offer worldwide cover, at no extra cost. This kind of policy, therefore, secures iPhone 4 insurance against practically any mishap, loss or theft, wherever in the world you happen to be.