IPhone 4s Insurance

  • iphone4sCheap cover for your new iPhone 4s – Sign up today!
  • Breakdown, accidental damage and liquid based damages are also included in your policy
  • Thinking of going on a holiday? Worldwide protection that covers you worldwide wherever you decide to take your iPhone 4s
  • Call protection against unauthorised usage – up to £100 calls covered if your phone is stolen
  • Add loss protection from as little as £1pm extra

Keeping the latest: iPhone 4s insurance

You might have been eagerly awaiting the release of the latest iPhone and you’ll have saved up quite enough to buy the coolest mobile around at the moment. Have you also made sure that you have iPhone 4s insurance to safeguard your investment?

That’s right, in this day and age, along with everyone else, insurers also know that they have to keep up with a fast-moving game. As soon as anyone is able to buy an iPhone 4s, insurance providers are ready and waiting with cover specially designed for it. Naturally, therefore, Smart Gadget Insurance stays ahead of the pack, too.

Purchase of iPhone 4s insurance makes a great deal of sense, takes only a minute or two and is remarkably affordable. You’ll probably consider it a very small price to pay for comprehensive cover against your new, smartest of the smart phones, being stolen, accidentally damaged, lost or – it could happen even with a brand new one – breaking down.