IPhone 5 Insurance

  • iphone51Complete theft cover, worldwide protection, Damage cover & more
  • Get worldwide protection that covers you wherever you decide to take your iPhone 5
  • Instant protection against breakdown, accidental damage and liquid based damages
  • Add loss cover from £1 extra per month

All new iPhone 5 insurance

The release of the latest iPhone 5 sees the iPhone transformed into a mini powerhouse. You’ll probably have notice the thinner, lighter design that comes with a new A6 chip, doubling the performance against the previous models. Consider it a very small price to pay for comprehensive cover against your new, smartest of the smart phones, being stolen, accidentally damaged, lost or – it could happen even with a brand new one – breaking down.

Offical iPhone 5 video: http://youtu.be/u5X5cV-4LRo