Kindle Insurance

Kindle insurance lets you keep on reading

kindleStudents, reading fans and lovers of good books have probably all welcomed the introduction of the Kindle e-reader. It certainly might help ease the strain of a bagful of heavy books, but what happens if it breaks down – what do you read then? Kindle insurance could help you keep on reading by making sure that the cost of any repair or replacement is immediately taken care of.

Relying on your Kindle

The Kindle e-reader is into its third generation by now. The novelty of its first inception has been replaced by a growing population of dedicated users, many of whom have come to rely on the device for practically all of their reading needs.

This is all very well, of course, since the Kindle can contain a whole library of books which it is easy to carry around with you. That very portability, however, means that you might lose it, have it stolen or accidentally damage or break it. Kindle insurance offers a way of helping to protect you and your pocket against such risks.

Finding the best Kindle insurance

Thanks to the number of online insurance providers, it is easy to compare Kindle insurance. The number of different providers, however, is probably matched by the number of different types of policy. Weighing up the prices quoted against the level of cover offered, therefore, might be an important consideration in identifying the best Kindle insurance to meet your particular needs and circumstances.

In terms of price and scope of cover offered it is possible to find Kindle insurance for little more than a couple of pounds a month or approximately £24 a year. Compared with what you paid for your e-reader – and the probable cost of replacing it – therefore, this represents a very reasonable outlay.

Cover more gadgets than just the one

To make matters even more competitive, some insurance providers also offer attractive discounts if you package together a number of your electronic gadgets. If you own a Kindle, for example, the chances are that you might also own an ipod, or an iphone, a digital camera or a laptop.

The leading gadget insurance provider Protect Your Bubble, for example, allows you to add a further four gadgets to your Kindle insurance for only a modest additional monthly premium.