Laptop Insurance

Laptop insurance: when you can’t live without one

laptopLaptop insurance could prove a real lifeline if, like many people these days you couldn’t effectively live without a mobile office or study lab. If it breaks down, is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen, you’d be sunk.

For less than £4 a month, however, you could buy comprehensive laptop insurance to make sure that, if the worst does come to the worst, your precious laptop is quickly and efficiently replaced or repaired. Not only does that sort of affordable cover cut a lot of the hassle out of going out to buy a replacement, but, obviously saves a big hole in your pocket, too.

Your laptop: work, studies, documents, photos and much more

Whatever uses you put your laptop to, it’s almost certain to contain a mountain of vital data – whether for work, your studies or personal information and records. Loss or damage to your laptop, therefore, could prove a catastrophe.

Laptop insurance could throw you a veritable lifeline when you need it most, therefore, whilst student laptop insurance could rescue many years of hard work and studying, thus saving many a graduation.

Whether you’re in work, a student or simply used to carrying around with you one of the most versatile and mobile modern day tools, cheap laptop insurance is likely to strike you as very good news indeed.

It might be easy, therefore, to see how useful laptop insurance could be, but how can it cost less than £4 a month?

The secret of cheap laptop insurance

The secret, of course, is that not all laptop insurance is so cheap. It can come rather more expensive than that. There are a number of insurance providers in the market and not all might prove as competitive as, which makes a determined effort to keep its prices low, yet the scope of its cover extensive.

Though the range of risks is extensive – covering everything from theft, accidental damage, damage from liquids, breakdown, and loss – there are just a few features that help to keep down the cost of those monthly premiums:

  • there is a limit on the value of the laptop which can be covered by the company’s policies (though the limit is a generous £2,500 – more than enough for the laptops that most of us carry around); and
  • the laptop must be less than one year old.

Though you pay the premiums on a monthly basis for no less than 12 months, the total price of your laptop insurance is kept low – you just pay for it in 12 monthly payments for your insurance.

Student laptop insurance through protectyourbubble, therefore, might be considered genuinely affordable even to those on the most stringent of student budgets. For other owners, the relatively low monthly premium is a small price to pay for laptop insurance that could prove a genuine lifeline in a time of crisis.