LG Mobile Phone Insurance

  • lg-3dWorldwide Cover – going abroad and worried about taking your mobile phone? With worldwide Protection you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing
  • Accidental and liquid damage protection – Because accidents happen to the best of us
  • Going abroad and thinking of taking your phone? Every policy you get worldwide protection!
  • Theft protection is included as standard, should you need loss cover this can added for an extra £1pm

LG phone insurance: when your phone is everything

LG phone insurance recognises what a central role your phone is likely to play in your life. You might use it for making calls, of course, but it’s invaluable, too, for sending texts, taking pictures, accessing the mobile internet and sending emails. It’s probably no exaggeration to say that your LG phone is everything all rolled into one.

That’s why many people put LG phone insurance at the top of their list of priorities. The many and varied functions and features of the phone are exposed to a long list of potential hazards – any one of which could take away your access to all of the things for which you use the handy device. For example, what if your phone is:

  • stolen – insurance from a provider such as Protect Your Bubble will ensure that you have a replacement phone within 48 hours of your reporting the theft (and you’ll even qualify for compensation for any unauthorised calls that might have been made on your phone);
  • accidentally damaged – if it can be repaired, this will be completed within an estimated five working days; if it can’t then your insurer will replace the handset;
  • broken – if the breakdown falls beyond the manufacturer’s normal warranty conditions, insurance makes sure that your phone is nevertheless repaired; or
  • lost – if efforts to trace your missing phone come to no avail, an additional level of insurance cover could ensure that it is replaced with a new one.

LG phone insurance, in other words, could help to ensure that everything in your world is not lost.