Macbook Insurance

  • macbookInstant cover for your Macbook Pro & Air Laptops
  • Insure your Macbook Laptop from £6.99 a month
  • Worldwide Cover for your Mac Laptop: Wherever you go, it’s good to know that worldwide cover is included as standard.
  • Includes Theft cover: If your Mac Laptop is stolen we will replace it
  • Includes accidental and liquid damage cover: We’ll pay any repair costs if your Mac Laptop is damaged as a result of an accident.

Macbook insurance: stylish and well-designed

It’s true – Macbook insurance can be every bit as stylish and well-designed as your laptop itself. That might seem a fairly strange assertion when it comes to something as apparently straight forward as gadget insurance, but, given the right insurance provider that can certainly be the case.


The case for a stylish kind of insurance is made by leading insurer of all manner of electronic gadgets, Stylish in the way in which this provider markets its insurance policies (no hard sell, just an honest and open description of the service offered).

The real style, however, comes from the moment you might need to make a claim (the true test of any insurance cover surely). When it comes to the settlement of claims, this Macbook insurance provider has two principal targets:

  • if it’s stolen and not recovered or irreparably damaged, will aim to get a replacement Macbook to you within 48 hours of your claim; and
  • if it’s repairable, to return your repaired Macbook to you within 5 working days.

That seems pretty good evidence of a particularly stylish standard of service.

… and well designed

When it comes to the way your Macbook insurance works, that’s pretty well designed, too. After all, when you want to consider and compare Macbook insurance, there are a number of things that you’ll probably be looking for:

  • theft – if your laptop is stolen, there’s a no-questions replacement policy, other than a more or less standard requirement for you to have reported the theft to the police and, of course, to have taken all reasonable precautions against such a theft in the first place;
  • breakdown – once again, your Macbook has self-evidently broken down if it no longer works and needs repair. The only insurance condition is that the break down is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee;
  • accidental damage – apart from the expectation that you have taken all reasonable care against such damage, the insurance is in place because it is recognised that of course accidents do happen. Macbook insurance is designed to ensure that your laptop is repaired or replaced without your being out of pocket;
  • loss – for a small, additional monthly premium, you can even insure your Macbook against simply losing it.

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