Mobile Phone Insurance

A helpful way to compare mobile phone insurance

When you try to compare mobile phone insurance are you ever frustrated by the one-size-fits-all kind of solution where a single all-purpose insurance policy is intended to cover everything from the most basic mobile to the latest, most sophisticated smart phone?

That is a common problem with some phone insurance companies and you could end up with cover that might be adequate for a range of devices – except the very one you want to insure.

Purpose-designed for your particular phone

That’s why insurance providers Protect Your Bubble offer a whole range of cheap phone insurance packages designed to cover particular mobile phones. Whether you have an iPhone 3 GS, iPhone 4s insurance, Blackberry, any other smart or mobile phone, therefore, this company will have the insurance cover to suit your particular device.

This makes sure not only that the cover you buy is suitable for your particular mobile device, but that the price is the most appropriate, too – you won’t end up paying premium rates for the most expensive type of phone (unless that’s the one you have, of course). Instead, you’ll be helping to ensure that the appropriate cover for your type of mobile is the best cheap phone insurance on the market.

Mobile insurance that does just what it says

When you compare mobile phone insurance offers, therefore, you will probably find that more is best – look out for the widest possible range of different brands and types of phone which are covered by different insurance policies.

Nevertheless, although you are likely to be better off with mobile insurance specifically designed for your own type of phone, you’ll still probably want the cover to include protection against the most common range of risks:

  • it might be stolen, in which case, you’d want your insurance to replace your mobile for you (and cover the cost of any unauthorised calls made on the phone as a result);
  • the same goes if its accidentally damaged beyond repair, though if it can be repaired, you’d want the insurance to cover that cost, too;
  • you might lose it and not find it again, although if you want your mobile insurance to cover this risk you might need to pay an additional premium for this option;
  • whether you’re a regular foreign traveller or simply take your mobile with you when you go on holiday, you will probably want to check that the insurance package you choose includes worldwide cover in the price.

There are a number of other extras and bonus deals which you can discover if you compare best mobile phone insurance. Protect Your Bubble, for instance, gives you a premium and a valuable subscription to TagBak, which helps to trace and recover your mobile if it’s lost or stolen.