Motorola Insurance

  • motorolaCover your Motorola against Accidental Damage, Liquid Damage, Theft cover – include loss protection from £1/month
  • Protection against unauthorised calls home or aboard
  • Breakdown cover against technical faults
  • Protection covers you worldwide to give you a peace of mind when traveling
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Motorola insurance: keyboard conventions

Motorola insurance for the Droid range of smart phones is purpose designed to keep your fingers tapping away at the familiar keyboard even when a breakdown, theft or loss of your phone seemed to spell a lengthy interruption.

If you own a Motorola, you might well have been drawn to the Droid’s retention of a conventional keyboard rather than the touchscreen of other Android-based smart phones. The comfortingly familiar keyboard, after all, is what seems to attract most inveterate texters to this range of models.

One of the potential problems with an electro-mechanical keyboard, however, is that it might prove more susceptible to damage or breakdown than the ubiquitous touchscreen.

And that’s just where Motorola insurance can step in. For no more than a pound or two a month, you can insure your Droid against accidental damage and even those breakdowns that occur outside of the manufacturer’s standard warranty. If your phone is repairable, the insurers will typically aim to complete those repairs within five working days and, if it’s not, then to replace the handset as rapidly as within 48 hours.

Accidental damage and breakdown, however, are not the only mishaps covered by Motorola insurance – you’ll find that theft, loss and unauthorised use are also insured on a worldwide basis in policies fromProtect Your Bubble.