Nokia Mobile Phone Insurance

Nokia phone insurance keeps you connected

Nokia phone insurance is designed for those who recognise that it’ll be more than a nokia-phonemere inconvenience if the device breaks down, is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. For many people, their Nokia is practically a lifeline – sometimes, almost literally.

Nokia phones come in all shapes and sizes, of course, from the basic to sophisticated, from those with a conventional “keyboard” to those with the latest “touchscreen” technology. Whatever the shape or size of your own mobile device, however, it’s almost certain to have become something you rely upon for a whole host of social and/or working contacts. Imagine, then, the frustration – not to mention panic – if your phone is lost or stolen, breaks down or is accidentally damaged.

And that, of course, is where Nokia phone insurance comes in. For just a few pounds a month, you can buy insurance that guarantees the repair or replacement of your phone if:

  • it is stolen;
  • it is accidentally damaged (including incidents where liquids are spilled onto it);
  • it breaks down and is no longer under the manufacturer’s standard warranty; or
  • you simply lose it.

Nokia phone insurance, in other words, could be the saving grace that reunites you with the world you talk and text to, the internet you surf and the emails that you send.