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3D TV Insurance

3D TV insurance – it’s clear

cheap-3d-tvIt’s the latest technology and, like most new technologies, it doesn’t come cheap. If you want to protect your investment in a new 3D TV, therefore, and ensure that you continue to enjoy watching it for many years to come, you will probably want to consider 3D TV insurance.

Although 3D TV might be one of the latest must-have fashions, its high value and relative scarcity still means that it is also a very attractive prospect for thieves. Whilst you might argue that your standard home contents insurance policy already covers the unfortunate eventuality of a TV being stolen. This may well be the case, but any claim under your home contents insurance policy is also likely to come with a hefty excess and loss of any possible no claims discount on next year’s premiums.

Purpose designed 3D TV insurance will also give you protection against accidental damage to your new TV, a risk that is not always covered in all home contents insurance policies.

3D TV insurance, therefore, can provide you with all-round, comprehensive cover for your latest investment, ensuring that any repairs or, if necessary, replacement can be done without your being out of pocket.

Standalone TV insurance

cheap-3d-tv-1Since your normal, standard home contents insurance policy is likely to cover the risk of accidental damage to your television, you might think there is no need to arrange TV insurance specifically for this common household item. Here are just a few reasons why standalone insurance – that covers just your television alone – is well worth considering:

  • although your home contents insurance package is likely to include the theft of or damage to your TV, claims under such policies typically come with a fairly hefty excess charge (the first part of any claim that you need to pay for yourself). Individual, standalone TV insurance generally incurs a much smaller excess;
  • TV insurance can be arranged quickly, easily and very cheaply – especially if you’re buying online through a site like Smart Gadget Insurance;
  • it is generally reckoned that many people are seriously under-insured when it comes to their home contents insurance (the sums insured are insufficient to cover the replacement value of the items covered). When arranging specific TV insurance, you know just how much you spent on your TV, how much it would cost to replace and the amount of cover, therefore, that you need.

In a word, therefore, TV insurance could help you ensure that you are fully covered if your television should be damaged, stolen or suffers a break down outside the terms of the maker’s normal warranty.