Samsung Galaxay Tab

  • samsung-galaxay-tabInsure your Samsung tablet from £2.19 a month
  • Worldwide Cover: Wherever you go on holiday, you will be pleased to know that your Samsung tablet is covered even when you’re abroad.
  • Includes Theft cover: If your Samsung tablet is stolen we will replace it
  • Includes accidental and liquid damage cover: We’ll pay any repair costs if your Samsung tablet is damaged as a result of an accident.


Stars in your eyes: Samsung Galaxy tab insurance

Compared more than favourably with Apple’s ubiquitous iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy has made up in terms of its speed and features anything it might have lost out in slick design. It’s made for using, not just looking at, in other words. And a key passport to continued use surely lies in Samsung Galaxy tab insurance.

As you’ve probably discovered, it can function as your very own, private but mobile office – there’s not much that your Galaxy can not do! That is to say, of course, unless you lose it, it gets accidentally damaged, the device breaks down or is stolen.

All of these risks are just the hazards of everyday life, and none too rare because of that. And with round-the-clock, universal protection for less than a fiver a month, that’s something that makes Samsung Galaxy tab insurance such a sensible precaution.

Given how much you’re almost certain to depend on your device – whether for work, social contacts, play, or all of that – you’re likely to be looking for a Samsung Galaxy tab insurance provider who can replace your tab within 48 hours, or, if it can be repaired, to do so within around five working days.