Sat Nav Insurance

  • satnavGet up to 1 month free cover: Sign up today and you’ll get one month’s free insurance for your Sat Nav device
  • Looking for worldwide protection? Worldwide cover as standard: wherever you go on holiday, you will be pleased to know that your Sat Nav is covered even when you’re abroad.
  • Includes Theft cover: Should your Sat Nav device is stolen we will replace it immediately
  • Includes accidental and liquid damage cover: We’ll pay any repair costs if damaged as a result of an accident.
  • Protect your Sat Nav Device from £2.19 a month

Sat nav insurance: covers the parts other insurance might not reach

Sat nav – or GPS – systems can be found in many cars these days. Without special sat nav insurance, however, you could find that a piece of essential navigation equipment remains vulnerable to theft, accidental damage and breakdown.

Some drivers, for instance, believe that their standard motor insurance covers theft, loss or damage to a sat nav device – the GPS barely leaves the vehicle after all and is used solely for navigation whilst driving. On closer examination, however, it might be discovered that some motor insurance policies do not include sat insurance and do not cover loss or damage to such portable devices.

If you want to ensure full protection for your GPS then you might want to give serious consideration to a standalone sat nav insurance policy.

Who provides it …

Fortunately, you do not have to look too far to find online insurance providers who can arrange year-round cover for your sat nav. A good place to start might be the website who are specialists not only in this, but a whole range of policies for just about any kind of electrical gadget you could imagine.

Not only does this provider offer comprehensive sat insurance, but it does so for as little as £2.19 a month – a decidedly affordable premium when you take into account the expense you’d otherwise face in repairing or replacing a stolen, lost or damaged sat nav yourself.

… and what does it cover?

You might be surprised to discover just how much protection a little over £2 each month can buy you:

  • if your sat nav is stolen, Protect Your Bubble aim to replace it within 48 hours;
  • if it is accidentally damaged (including damage caused by liquids), they’ll again replace the GPS device within 48 hours, or, if it is repairable, aim to complete those repairs within 5 working days;
  • if it stops working because of a mechanical or electronic breakdown, outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, sat nav insurance will pay the cost of any repairs or replace the faulty device;
  • if you elect to pay a small optional added premium of just £1 a month, sat insurance will replace your GPS if you happen to lose it.

With a wide range of benefits such as this, you need never again wonder whether your motor insurer will or will not compensate you for a lost, stolen or damaged GPS, thanks to your own purpose-designed sat nav insurance.