TomTom Satnav Insurance

  • tomtom-281x300Looking for worldwide protection? Worldwide cover as standard: wherever you go on holiday, you will be pleased to know that your Sat Nav is covered even when you’re abroad.
  • Includes Theft cover: Should your Sat Nav device is stolen we will replace it immediately
  • Includes accidental and liquid damage cover: We’ll pay any repair costs if damaged as a result of an accident.
  • Protect your Sat Nav Device from £2.19 a month


TomTom insurance: you’d be lost without it

It’s a widely accepted fact that millions of British motorists have come to rely on their sat navs to get from A to B. Many of us would be, quite literally, lost without the in-car navigation system. In recognition of one of the most popular and widely-used manufacturer’s, TomTom insurance is designed to make sure that you stay on the right road and don’t get yourself lost.

TomTom insurance is not only simple and straight forward in principle, it’s surprisingly inexpensive, too – especially when compared to the cost of having to replace or repair the GPS unit itself. With this type of insurance, therefore, comes free repair or replacement in the event that your sat nav is:

  • stolen (and it might be worth remembering that some portable sat nav systems, just like your TomTom, might not be covered against theft under the terms of your standard motor insurance policy);
  • accidentally damaged (and you can probably imagine just some of the thousands of circumstances in which this small and highly portable device could be damaged);
  • broken down – those electro-mechanical break downs that can occur outside the maker’s standard warranty period; or
  • lost – because they’re portable, sat navs can quite easily be put down and forgotten; in other words, lost.

There are any number of circumstances, therefore, in which TomTom insurance could help keep you on the right track and prevent you from getting lost.