Wii Insurance

  • wii1Free TagBak Service with every Wii insurance policy
  • Instant Protection for your Wii from Fire, Theft, accidental damage & more
  • Quick replacement after a successful claim – if your Wii console is not repairable
  • Protection your get anywhere around the world
  • Cheap cover – insure your Wii console from £2.19pm


Why Wii insurance?

Since it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against faulty materials or workmanship, why should you consider separate, independent Wii insurance?

In many ways, the manufacturer’s warranty offers the first line of defence for the consumer against a poorly made item – usually a “one-off” defect that is not representative of the whole product line. But the warranty is only that – just a first line of defence.

The warranty is time-limited, for example, and expires after 12 or 24 months (depending on the manufacturer). When break downs occur after that period, you’d need to pay for any repairs out of your own pocket – unless, of course, you have separate insurance for your Wii console.

But there are perhaps even more important reasons for arranging Wii insurance:

  • it’s cheap – typically little more than a couple of pounds a month – and offers protection against a whole range of potential disasters:
  • accidental damage – probably the greatest risk to your Wii is accidental damage, and not only as a result of over-exuberant playing. Drop it, step on it or sit on it and you could be faced with an expensive repair bill or the even more costly need to replace it altogether – unless, that is, you have Wii insurance;
  • theft – you think your favourite games console is pretty cool and the envy of all of your friends. Unfortunately, that’s just what many a thief thinks too. Your Wii is highly prized by those intent on depriving you of it. Wii insurance will ensure that yours is replaced (in as short an interval as 48 hours) if yours is stolen.

Wii insurance, in other words, offers a whole lot more than an extended manufacturer’s warranty.