Games Console Insurance

Games console insurance: at home or away

games-consolesIf you already own a games console you’ll know what enjoyable and versatile gadgets they can be – not just for gaming, of course, but often for watching films, listening to music and viewing photos, too. Games console insurance is designed to ensure that you continue to maximise your enjoyment of the gadget, whether at home or away – or on the road in between.

Why insure?

You’re unlikely to be giving it a lot of thought whilst you’re in the middle of your gaming, but your console could be exposed to a surprising number of risks:

  • Whether you’re using it at home, on holiday or using it to while away some time when you’re travelling, there is always the chance of the games console being stolen. If it’s insured, of course, then you would be compensated for that loss with the price of a new one, as quickly as 48 hours, in the case of the better games console insurance policies;
  • Most consoles are designed to take a few knocks, of course, but that doesn’t rule out the risk of accidental damage that knocks out your device for a while – or for good. Games console insurance is designed to take away any waiting for a replacement. The best policies will aim to repair the console within 5 working days, or failing that, replace an unrepairable device within 48 hours;
  • Your console very likely came with a manufacturer’s warranty, but what happens when the period of guarantee expires? Good value games console insurance will even take on the responsibility of repairing the device when the manufacturer is no longer obliged to do so;adde
  • When you travel abroad, your games console insurance could even cover your device if you’ve taken it away with you, since the best insurance for games consoles includes worldwide cover as a standard feature.

Multi-gadget insurance

If you own a games console, therefore, you might be surprised to discover what cheap gadget insurance this can prove to be. All of the risks just described, for example, could be covered for a monthly premium of a little over £2.

In fact, if you are looking for cheap gadget insurance that nevertheless offers extensive and reliable cover for all of your essential devices from games consoles, to mobile phones, and laptops to digital cameras, a provider like Protect Your Bubble will make it even more worth your while by offering significant discounts if you ensure up to five gadgets at a time under the same policy.

Keep on gaming and extend cover to a fistful of different gadgets by taking a closer look at games console insurance, therefore.