PDA Insurance

PDA insurance in the palm of your hand

Imagine how much valuable information you are likely to have stored on your PDA, pdaof palm top. It’s there where you need it – right in the palm of your hand (it’s not called a “palmtop” for nothing). With so much of that information likely to be practically irreplaceable, PDA insurance is worth giving serious consideration.

As the Personal Digital Assistant (that’s PDA to you and me) has grown ever more sophisticated in recent years, so the amount of storage it can handle has increased and the number of functions it can perform has also mushroomed. The PDA is a veritable handheld computer – and just as you’d want to ensure your PC is fully insured, then so too might you want the same with PDA insurance.

Insurance tends to be one of those things that few of us think about when all is running smoothly, of course, but it might be worth considering the following risks and hazards:

  • your PDA is stolen – at a stroke, you’ve lost the data stored on your palmtop, together with the ability to listen to your favourite MP3s, and perhaps even the ability to use its function as a smart phone. Without your device, you’re effectively cut off from your contacts and the world as you know it;
  • accidental damage – damage to your PDA might not always prove quite so serious as its theft, but you’d still need to get it repaired – probably at quite some expense;
  • breakdowns – no doubt it came with a manufacturer’s warranty, but when will that period of guarantee expire. Any time afterwards, you could again be landed with the repair bill; or
  • loss – you quite simply lose your PDA (it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, after all).

PDA insurance to the rescue

All of these risks can be securely and reliably covered by PDA insurance. The best PDA insurance for you is likely to be the insurance that comes without burning a huge hole in your pocket, so for “best” you might prefer to read cheap PDA insurance.

And on that particular score, it might come as a surprise that insurance for your palmtop can come as cheap as £1.49 a month. This is the price quoted by leading gadget insurers, Protect Your Bubble, who not only provide what many would consider particularly cheap PDA insurance but competitive deals on all types of gadgets!

Along with your PDA insurance, you can also insure up to a further four more gadgets (from iPhones, to laptops, and iPods to tablets) for just a small additional monthly premium.