MP3 & IPod Insurance

“If music be the food of love” – get iPod insurance

ipodWhen the music stops, you’ll be sure to wish you had iPod insurance. Music is so central to many of our lives that we’d be truly lost without it and – more to the point – the handy electronic gadget that plays it for us. Yet theft, loss or damage could quite easily leave you without your favourite music player.

Research carried out just a year or two ago found that one in three of us take an iPod or MP3 player with us every time we venture outside. That’s a lot of people with a lot of iPods and a very high likelihood of some of them finding that the music stops as a result of theft, breakdown, damage or loss of the iPod.

These days, of course, there’s quite a range of iPods – from the Classic, to Shuffle, to Touch, for example – to choose from. None of them is especially cheap, so, if you need to replace one that is lost or stolen, it could cost you a pretty penny or two. iPod insurance, of course, is designed to save you just that expense.

How it does it

Whether you’re looking for insurance for iPod Touch, Classic or Shuffle, a simple and easily-arranged policy will cover any model. In return for a modest monthly premium (a little over £2 or about £24 a year), iPod insurance will typically offer:

  • replacement (within 48 hours of your reporting the theft to the police) of your music-player;
  • repair or replacement if the iPod is accidentally damaged, whether by spilt liquid or any other means;
  • repair or replacement of your iPod if there an electrical or mechanical breakdown occurs outside the manufacturer’s own period of guarantee; and
  • replacement of your iPod if it is lost (for this all-risks loss of your device, you should expect to pay a small additional monthly premium).

When deciding the best buy iPod insurance for you, it might be important to remember that different insurance providers put together quite widely varying packages of cover. As with many other purchases of goods or services, therefore, your chosen iPod insurance is likely to represent a best value balance between low cost and the scope and quality of the insurance cover offered.