Sony Camera Insurance

  • sony_cybershotInsure your Sony camera from £2.19 a month – Sign up today!
  • Includes Theft cover: If your Sony camera is stolen we will replace it
  • Includes accidental and liquid damage cover: We’ll pay any repair costs if your Sony camera is damaged as a result of an accident.
  • Includes Breakdown cover as standard: Should warranty expire, if your Sony camera develops an electrical or mechanical fault, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires we will pay any repair costs.

Happy snapping: Sony camera insurance

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or film-maker to make the most of Sony camera insurance – amateurs, too, are likely to welcome the protection that such cover gives to their digital cameras, lenses, camcorders and video cameras.

Amateurs and semi-professionals alike will probably have spent a great deal on their equipment – several thousands of pounds, maybe – and Sony camera insurance is specifically tailored to cover all of this valuable equipment up to a total value of £5,000 (the upper limit is there in order for the insurers to keep premiums at the remarkably low levels they are).

Given the potential high value of your equipment and the low cost of monthly premiums, therefore, Sony camera insurance helps protect you against the financial losses incurred through:

  • accidental damage – though cameras are fairly robustly made these days, they are still precision pieces of equipment and can easily suffer accidental damage;
  • theft – the sheer value of your equipment is likely to make it attractive to thieves;
  • break down – electro-mechanical failures that occur outside the period of Sony’s own warranty can still be covered by separate, independent Sony camera insurance; and
  • loss – for a modest increase in the monthly premium, you might also consider cover against the loss of your camera.

As an amateur photographer and/or film-maker of course it’s on holiday that you’re most likely to be using your equipment. It will be good to know, therefore, that your Sony camera insurance extends cover worldwide.